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Maqāsid Collection

Until now, no comprehensive bibliography was available for the field of Maqāsid al-Sharīah (the objectives of Islamic law). Out of all of the works published by the Maqasid Centre, perhaps the most important to date is the Bibliography for Maqāsid al-Sharīah, which contains monographs, theses and articles, published in 10 volumes, providing references and abstracts of nearly 2,000 titles.

This Bibliography concentrates on new research on the theories of priorities, utility, consequences and universal principles of Islamic law. The work constitutes a comprehensive guide to the subject throughout history and across geographical boundaries.

The guide embraces all known schools, institutes and developments in Islamic law, from Sunnī to Shī‘i, from Al-Az’har to Al-Zaytunah. Source material for the Bibliography includes books, manuscripts, theses, conference proceedings and journal articles.

Each entry is presented in the form of a standard bibliographical entry, as well as an abridged version summarising the main chapters, sections and features.

The Maqāsid collection is available in Arabic only.