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Islam is a global religion, and many of its treasures have for centuries been in libraries outside the heartlands of the Middle East, unknown to all but a few local elites. Al-Furqan’s Digital Library Portal gives scholars and researchers across the globe access to this wealth of newly-discovered material, much of which has been vastly underexploited to date. In doing so, the Foundation brings together the many communities who share a common interest in the preservation of Islamic heritage.

In 1989 the Foundation set up a research project to investigate, as comprehensively as possible, the present state of Islamic manuscript collections extant worldwide. Scholars were identified and commissioned to carry out a survey in more than 100 countries. The outcome of this project was the World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts publication.

The Foundation made history in the field of Islamic manuscripts with the publication of the World Survey. It was a project that brought together manuscript scholars from almost every part of the world with the shared goal of realising the ambitious bibliographical work.

The World Collections area of the Digital Library Portal presents the libraries of the World Survey in geographical context for the user to browse and explore interactively. For example, hovering over a library on the world map provides a quick preview of the library and its holdings.

The content and details shown in the Google Maps do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation. 

Please note that the World Collections showcase the libraries as in the published World Survey of Islamic Manuscripts (completed in 1994). Please see further details in the following link: World Survey. Furthermore, please note that the contact details mentioned in the Portal may vary from the printed version, as we continuously receive updated information and feedback from the libraries as well as from the users. Direct links to the individual library websites are also provided, whenever possible.