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About Portal

The Digital Library Portal provides a contemporary gateway into Islamic heritage research. It also serves as a stimulus for the continual preservation of the manuscripts themselves.

The Digital Library allows a search throughout all of Al-Furqan’s collections. This electronic platform is equipped with four basic navigation areas in each section:

Search Area

Here the user can search for an item in the Digital Library Portal by Title, Subject, Author and Library.

Browse Area

Here the user can browse Al-Furqan’s collections by a variety of categories such as country, date on which the manuscripts were compiled and subject of the collection.

Filter Area

Here the user can further refine their search or browse results by using additional filters, provided on the "Refine" tab.

The digital library opens access to:

-Manuscript Collection

-Maqasid Collection

-Our Library

-Our Publications

-World Collections

Al-Furqan has established an online gateway that integrates the various rich collections and allows for cross-searching.

The Digital Library is continuously growing along with the dynamic nature of the Foundation and its ongoing work.